We offer a high standard of coaching for archers of all disciplines and abilities.

Two one day coaching clinics are held each year, one in the Autumn and one in the Spring for those archers who wish to improve their archery.

We cover the following at the clinics:

  • Importance of good posture and body alignment to the target.
  • Developing good concentration and body awareness.
  • Fitness for archery and tournaments.
  • Developing a personal training programme.
  • Tuning the bow and advice on arrow specification.
  • Nutrition, following a healthy diet combined with regular exercise.

A high standard of coaching is given by a few very experienced coaches. We have a County Coach who was formerly a Grand Master Bowman for some years and past British International archer who has coached over the years a number of archers of Master Bowman standard.

A County Coach who has worked for many years with archers of all abilities including the disabled.

A level 2 Coach who has worked with Master Bowmen and has experience developing fitness training programmes for archers.

 We can also arrange private coaching sessions for archers.

Depending on demand we hold workshops for coaches and archers on the following topics:

  • Shooting and tuning the compound bow.
  • Tuning the recurve bow.
  • Mental approach to shooting.
  • Fitness for archery.
  • Developing your own training programme

We also offer guidance on the running of coach education courses at level 1 and 2.

We are here to help you improve and enjoy your archery.

Please feel free to contact us.